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Don’t let allergies ruin your Christmas!

Everyone wants to have a merry, stress-free Christmas, with a delicious dinner and the family all in good spirits. However, sometimes Christmas can be a very stressful time. Expectations are high, particularly for the designated host, and when allergy triggers are added in to the mix, the festive season can be anything but magical. Be prepared and enjoy the celebrations by following these top tips...… Read full post

Why consider organic bedding?

Many people try to eat more organic food, use organic skincare and wear organic clothing. But how many of us consider using organic bedding?… Read full post

Could food sensitivities be preventing you from losing weight?

If, like most of us, you’ve ever tried a traditional low-calorie diet and failed, a new book by Dr. John Mansfield may help shed some light on why this perhaps isn’t the best way to lose weight.… Read full post

Keeping psoriasis under control

Psoriasis is a complex and little-understood condition, which can cause soreness, thickening, redness and irritation of patches of the skin. It affects around 2% of the population, and although symptoms can vary in severity, it can be a distressing condition that can impact on the sufferer’s self-confidence. … Read full post

Keeping eczema under control during cold weather

Eczema is a misery all year round, but winter is a particularly challenging time for sufferers. … Read full post

Top Tips for Indoor Allergy Week (20-26 October 2014)

Autumn is now in full swing, and we all seem to be retreating indoors as the weather gets chillier. As it’s Indoor Allergy Week, we wanted to share some simple tips with you to help reduce the misery of indoor allergies as winter approaches.… Read full post

Mould Allergy and Mental Health

As today is World Mental Health Day, we thought it would be a good idea to raise awareness of the little-known link between mould allergy and depression.… Read full post

Filtering your water – How a small change can make a big difference to your health

There’s nothing as refreshing as a glass of pure water. With water making up around 60% of the human body, hydration is key to good health. The drinking water from your tap may do the job just fine, but it also may contain a whole host of undesirable ingredients that your body can do without! Similarly, bathing water can contain a number of irritants for those suffering with skin allergies and eczema.… Read full post

Introducing Blueair Air Purifiers

Have you seen our new range of Blueair air purifiers?   With Swedish design combined with high performance air purification, they deliver ground-breaking technology in a sleek, sophisticated package.   Whether you're looking for an air purifier for home or the office, these models will give you more clean indoor air faster than any competitor. Virtually silent in operation and using an incredibly small amount of energy for its purification power, we are proud to welcome the Blueair brand to our range… Read full post

5 Things You Didn't Know About Dust Mites

How much do you know about the house dust mite? Read on for 5 little-known facts about these tiny creatures...… Read full post

Should you always make your bed?

It may be one of our most hated chores, but it looks like there’s no excuse not to make your bed today! It’s “National Make Your Bed Day”, and our friends at The Fine Bedding Company have quizzed the nation on their bed-making habits to celebrate.… Read full post

4 Ways to Combat Mould

Mould is not just unpleasant to look at, it also can increase the risk of respiratory problems. For people with mould allergy, the presence of mould can cause all sorts of unwanted symptoms, from wheezing and rhinitis to panic attacks and depression. Many people experiencing these symptoms have no idea that mould may be the cause, and do not recognise it as a trigger. … Read full post

Is Electrostress affecting you?

Many of us now spend a great deal of time surrounded by electrical equipment from computers to WiFi, DECT phones and microwave ovens. Each of these appliances gives off varying amounts of electrical, magnetic and radio frequency fields. The long term effects of this exposure on the human body are as yet unknown...… Read full post

Back to School – Managing Eczema

Starting the new school year can be tricky at the best of times, but for children with eczema it can be even tougher. Eczema affects more people than you may think, with up to 10% of infants experiencing symptoms at some stage.   If your child is suffering with the condition, here are a few useful tips that can make school a little bit more bearable.… Read full post

5 Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

When you have skin allergies and/or sensitivities, it can be difficult to find products that are safe to use for your skin type. Here are 5 skincare products specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind. Although we can never guarantee that you won't have a reaction to any product as everyone's skin is different, these products are all free from artificial fragrances and unnecessary chemicals, and are developed to be particularly gentle on irritated, reactive skin.  Click on each product link to find a full ingredients list for each item. … Read full post

Wheezing? Panic attacks? You might be allergic to mould

Mould is present in a great deal of modern homes, as they contain the 3 essential things that moulds require to survive and reproduce. These are moisture, oxygen and food. Moulds eat organic materials (such as wood, dust and skin cells), plenty of which can be found in the home.… Read full post

How a water filter can help dramatically relieve your allergy symptoms

A water filtering system can be very beneficial to your general health, improving the way you feel and look. If you suffer from asthma, multiple chemical sensitivity, eczema or psoriasis, purchasing a water filter may make a huge difference to the severity of your symptoms. Allergy sufferers in particular need to be mindful of the potential irritants that could be hidden in tap water and how drinking and bathing in filtered water can help reduce allergy symptoms. … Read full post

How to make and keep a bed mite free

Nell Nockles of offers some helpful tips to keep your bed mite-free. … Read full post

Off on holiday? Don't take your allergies with you!

Whether you’re jetting off to warmer climes or staying in the UK for your summer break, if you’re an allergy sufferer then it’s wise to take a few precautions before you set off.… Read full post

What to do when you're allergic to your pet

We're a nation of animal-lovers, and around 45%* of the population owns a pet. If there are allergic people in the family we do not recommend that you introduce a new pet. Living with the disappointment of not having a pet is preferable to having to remove the pet or living for many years with the consequences of having a pet in an allergic household. But what happens if you already own a pet and discover you are allergic? Cat and/or dog allergy is common, so read these practical tips if you think it may affect you.… Read full post