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Is it a common cold or ‘winter hay fever’?

People with asthma in the UK are at increased risk of an asthma attack as rising levels of early tree pollen cause ‘winter hay fever’, according to Asthma UK.… Read full post

New study links hypothyroidism to fluoride in water

Researchers from the University of Kent’s Centre for Health Service Studies have found that high levels of fluoride in drinking water can help to predict prevalence of hypothyroidism.… Read full post

7 top tips for reducing your exposure to mobile phone radiation

The charity ES-UK offers support for people experiencing electrosensitivity, which according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) is an “idiopathic environmental intolerance” to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This often serious and disabling condition affects a very small but very real proportion of the population, who must adapt their lifestyles to avoid proximity to devices that emit EMF radiation. Such devices are commonplace in many a modern home, for example mobile and DECT phones, Wi-Fi routers and smart meters. … Read full post

5 reasons why you should ditch pesticides and go organic

'Going organic' may cost more, but we think it's worth it. Here are 5 great reasons why you should avoid pesticides... … Read full post

French government bans Wi-Fi in nurseries

A new law, passed on 29th January 2015 by the French Parliament, addresses the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields, with restrictions on Wi-Fi in schools and mobile phone advertisement among its stipulations.… Read full post

Keep allergy symptoms at bay during outdoor activities

We're all told to get at least 30 minutes of exercise five days per week, but when you have allergies, exercising outdoors in the cold weather can often make you feel worse rather than better. Being exposed to cold conditions and outdoor allergens can leave you sneezing, wheezing and feeling generally under the weather, but having allergies doesn't mean you need to restrict your activity...… Read full post

It's National Sick Day - How can you beat office bugs and colds?

If lethargy, headaches, itching skin or a dry throat are plaguing you at work, you may be one of the estimated 21 million[1]  adults in the UK suffering from an allergy. Dusty office equipment, poorly ventilated buildings and office plants make the workplace a breeding ground for allergens and illnesses, which may lead to the manifestation of uncomfortable symptoms and costly sick days.… Read full post

New report claims over a million Britons may have been misdiagnosed with Asthma

Health watchdog the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) has warned that up to a third of those diagnosed with asthma may have no clinical symptoms of the condition. … Read full post

Free download: Guide to detoxing your home

With the onset of a brand new year, most people’s thoughts turn to how they are going to re-vamp their lifestyle, health or physical appearance in order to feel better. But many people forget that their own homes are a great place to start making some simple changes. Making some small adjustments to your bedding, cleaning products, skincare regime or water can result in reduced allergy symptoms, increased energy levels and all-round better health.… Read full post

Advice from Asthma UK regarding current cold weather

The UK's leading asthma charity Asthma UK has issued some advice on managing symptoms in the current cold weather conditions.… Read full post

Brighten Up Blue Monday 2015

Did you know that today is thought to be the ‘most depressing day of the year’? … Read full post

Detox your home this January - Drink cleaner water

Many people have made new year's resolutions to drink more water. Now is a perfect time to 'upgrade' your water at home so you can rest assured that your 8 glasses a day are clean and safe.… Read full post

Breathe easy this January

In the cold winter months, low indoor air quality can be a concern for many of us. … Read full post

Healthy City Living

With almost 30,000 deaths per year* thought to be accelerated as a result of exposure to air pollution, it could be a concerning problem that is growing every day. This issue is perhaps most concerning for those of us who live in cities, who are exposed to high levels of smog on a daily basis. For allergy sufferers and the chemically sensitive, the negative health effects of this may be immediate. For everyone else, they may not become apparent until years of exposure have passed. If you’re concerned about the potential effects that air pollution may be having on your health, there are a few steps that can be taken to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals and VOCs...… Read full post

Wishing You All a Very Happy New Year

Now that 2014 comes to a close, we would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2015. You can look forward to new and interesting articles, a revamped website and, coming soon, tips on detoxing your home for the new year.… Read full post

Don’t let allergies ruin your Christmas!

Everyone wants to have a merry, stress-free Christmas, with a delicious dinner and the family all in good spirits. However, sometimes Christmas can be a very stressful time. Expectations are high, particularly for the designated host, and when allergy triggers are added in to the mix, the festive season can be anything but magical. Be prepared and enjoy the celebrations by following these top tips...… Read full post

Why consider organic bedding?

Many people try to eat more organic food, use organic skincare and wear organic clothing. But how many of us consider using organic bedding?… Read full post

Could food sensitivities be preventing you from losing weight?

If, like most of us, you’ve ever tried a traditional low-calorie diet and failed, a new book by Dr. John Mansfield may help shed some light on why this perhaps isn’t the best way to lose weight.… Read full post

Keeping psoriasis under control

Psoriasis is a complex and little-understood condition, which can cause soreness, thickening, redness and irritation of patches of the skin. It affects around 2% of the population, and although symptoms can vary in severity, it can be a distressing condition that can impact on the sufferer’s self-confidence. … Read full post

Keeping eczema under control during cold weather

Eczema is a misery all year round, but winter is a particularly challenging time for sufferers. … Read full post