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Meet Harriet, our local organic hairdresser

Following on from our blog about safe cleaning products, it's equally (or even more) important to use natural toiletries on your hair and skin. Even if you use them at home, all this goes by the wayside when you're due for your regular visit to the hairdresser. That is unless you happen to be fortunate enough to have a local organic hairdresser as we do.… Read full post

Spring Cleaning without Irritants

Now that the weather is looking a bit more settled and the temperature is climbing, it's time to think of spring cleaning.  We have lots of safe and natural products you can use for daily jobs such as washing up to less frequent cleaning such as descaling the dishwasher and washing machine.… Read full post

Looking for an "allergy free" Chocolate Cake for Easter?

Living on a sugar free diet, we do look out for really good sugar free recipes and this sounds as if it fits the bill.  So often "sugar-free" recipes are sweetened with synthetic sweeteners, but this one is sweetened with apple sauce and dates and sounds yummy. It comes from The Sanford Clinic blog.  Do have a look at their website. Stephanie Lashford has many years experience and success treating a wide variety of conditions.… Read full post

Air Pollution High Over Parts of UK

"Health warnings have been issued by the government as high levels of air pollution spread across England. Environment department Defra has issued the warnings as high pollution levels recorded on Tuesday continue to spread. The pollution - a mix of local and European emissions and dust from the Sahara - is affecting parts of southern England, the Midlands and East Anglia. The elderly and those with lung or heart disease are urged to avoid strenuous exercise outside." See BBC News… Read full post

Keep your bedroom dust mite free this spring and summer

Now that the clocks have moved forward and we are in to lighter, longer days, it's a perfect time to turn to thoughts of summer bedding. Though dust mites can be worse in the winter months, with the British climate we still get the ideal conditions for dust mites throughout most of the spring and summer  - warmth and humidity. Learn more about dust mite allergy and prepare your bedroom for the months ahead.… Read full post

Are you prepared for the hay fever season?

An article in the Daily Mail last week warned of this year being a bad year for hay fever, with tree pollens starting early this year. In fact it suggests that birch pollen is starting between 25 - 28th March this year, whilst often it doesn't start until towards the end of April.… Read full post

Idling cars and other vehicles can affect asthma

Having several times had to ask a delivery driver to switch off his van that was spewing fumes into The Healthy House, this article in a U.S. newspaper offered some useful information and suggestions as to how we can raise awareness to parents regarding traffic fumes and asthma.… Read full post

Smart Meters are NOT COMPULSORY

Before you allow a Smart Meter to be installed on your home, learn more about the radio frequenciy electromagnetic fields that you will be being exposed to twenty four hours a day. And if you have close neighbours, try to encourage them to be aware, since a Smart Meter on their property may also be affecting you.… Read full post

"Perfect Conditions" for tree pollen

An article in today's The Telegraph doesn't bode well for hay fever sufferers, saying that the weather in the past week has created the perfect conditions for trees to start releasing their pollen.… Read full post

Foods that Cross-React with Pollen

My brother asked me yesterday what I would suggest for him as he thinks he is reacting to tree pollen. Since he works outside a large part of the time, avoidance is not an option!… Read full post

Don't Miss our Water Filter Sale

Now is the perfect opportunity to make sure that your drinking water is free of chlorine and organic compounds, and that at least the chlorine has been removed from your bath and shower water.… Read full post

Exercise-Induced Asthma

A recent article in the New York Daily News had some intetersting practical tips for anyone suffering from exercise-induced asthma. … Read full post

Increase in Allergies

Radio Gloucester has just been talking about the increase in incidence of allergies, and interviewed us about why we set up The Healthy House and why we think allergies are on the rise.… Read full post

Prepare for new pollen season triggering asthma and hay fever

Though we tend to think of pollens coming in the spring and summer, many tree pollens start as early as the beginning of March. These include Hazel, Yew, Elm, Alder, Willow, Ash, Birch, Poplar and Plane trees.… Read full post

New Bedroom Pack offers a solution to dust mite allergy in your bedroom

Our new Bedroom Pack with Free air purifier offers you all you need to reduce symptoms of dust mite allergy caused by dust mites in your bedroom.… Read full post

Powerlines and risk of childhood leukaemia

Many thanks to Alasdair Philips who keeps us up to date with what's going on re EMF issues in the U.K.… Read full post

Detoxing Tips for General Good Health

Following our previous blog about detoxing for allergies, this one offers a few tips for general good health (tips that will also benefit those with allergies).… Read full post

Hopes raised for peanut allergy sufferers

Great news today of the success of a study at Cambridge University Hospitals, which could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of peanut allergy.… Read full post

Tips on detoxing your home when you have allergies

We tend to make all sorts of resolutions for each new year and they are generally centred around taking more exercise, losing weight,  reducing sugar etc. However, we tend to forget that our indoor environment also plays a large part in our general health, especially but not only when one has allergies.… Read full post

"Desperately seeking white space"

Many thanks to Brian Stein from ES-UK for sending on this film made in France about electro hypersenstivity. There are increasing numbers of people throughout the world suffering from electrosensitivity, and for some the situation has become so bad that they feel there is nowhere they can live away from electro pollution.… Read full post