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World Environment Day - Tips on Changes You Can Make

Published on Thursday 5th June 2014 in General

Since today is World Environment Day, we thought we'd take a look at some simple ways we can do our bit for the environment, and as an added bonus many of them will also help to improve our health.

If we all do a little, it's amazing how the effect snowballs:

  • Walk or cycle to work  - only use the car when absolutely necessary
  • Take your own shopping bags with you when you go shopping to reduce the necessity for more plastic bags
  • Before buying unseasonal produce, take a look at where it has come from and try to buy locally grown and produced produce
  • Install a water filter, buy a glass bottle and take your water with you instead of buying it in plastic bottles
  • Reduce your purchasing of packaged foods and when you do, make sure you recycle the packaging
  • Support your local farmers' market
  • Buy and grow organically to reduce the amount of toxins released into the air
  • Read labels on toiletries and cleaning products and buy organic whenever possible
  • Find environmentally healthy ways of dealing with bugs, whether as biting insects on your body or herbivores eating your vegetables!
  • If you have a baby, try using cloth nappies and only using the disposable ones in an emergency
  • Use organic paints and varnishes when redecorating your home
  • Avoid the use of MDF and particle board as it offgasses VOCs into your and the wider environment
  • Recycle paper and plastics and compost garden waste

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