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  • Controls allergens in the air reducing allergen exposure by up to 90%
  • Relieves the symptoms of dust mite, mould, pet allergies and hay fever - no triggers, no symptoms
  • Quick, effective relief
  • Completely safe - no insecticides

About the AirCleanse Allergy Spray - 250ml

AirCleanse™ is a spray that encapsulates and neutralises allergens in the indoor air. The active ingredients are eucalyptus oil, ylang ylang and quaternium salts.

Recent testing has proven our Bio-Life range to remove mould on tiles and household surfaces. Recommended use for mould control should be once per week for airborne spores and every three months on sofas, soft furnishings, tiles and walls. Always remember to use AirCleanse™ after treatments with HomeCleanse™ and FabriCleanse™ (on tiles and surfaces) because any physical disturbance will cause the release of spores into the air.

We also highly recommend the use of AirCleanse™ in conjunction with the Pet Allergy Sprays. This will increase the recovery time if you suffer from inhalant pet allergy and offer relief while the PetalCleanse™ has time to work.

Once opened use within thirty six months.


  • To control allergens in the air
  • Contains eucalyptus oil, ylang ylang and quaternium salts
  • Use twice a week for the first three weeks and once a week thereafter
  • Bottle size 250ml


Nitrogen (natural gas that makes up 78% of normal air), aqua, ethyl alcohol, PPG-26 Buteth 26, PEG-40 hydrogenated caster oil, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Quaternium-26, Quaternium-22, cananga odorata. 

Active ingredients
Eucalyptus and ylang ylang essential oils and Peruvian balsam extract which are natural acaricides and anti-allergens.

How To Use

Shake well before use. Hold bottle upright. For dust mite and pet allergy, spray twice per week for the first three weeks and once a week thereafter. Dust and vacuum room after two to three hours. Use daily during peak pollen season. Keep windows and doors closed. Tests show that the average reduction in airborne allergens is 86% and the minimum is 75%. This makes a significant difference to anyone reacting to allergens in the air.

Customer Reviews

"I am allergic to pets and pollen and had to rely on anti-histamines to stop perennial blocked nose. I remember when I first started using PetalCleanse – I began noticing a difference – it cleaned the atmosphere after 3-4 weeks like it said. Now I use AirCleanse and HomeCleanse as well and it has been a big help managing my allergy problems. I feel like I am in control again."
Kay Ferguson from Glasgow

"I am allergic to cats --- puffy eyes, breathing difficulties. Now I use PetalCleanse, AirCleanse, HomeCleanse & FabriCleanse. The allergic reaction has gone. Excellent products. Amazed at the difference they have made."
Chris Lovelock from Haywards Heath

"I use entire HomeCare range because I am allergic to cats, dogs, horses and dustmites. At last a cure for someone like me so I can have a pet without making me ill."
Barry Phillips from Aldershot

"Allergic to all animals. Suffer sneezing, itchy skin, throat swelling, coughing, watering/itchy eyes. The Homecare products greatly reduce my need to take medication and allows exposure to animals to be a good experience not a bad one."
Rachel Comer from Bournemouth