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  • 3M Ultra Clean Replacement FAPF-03 Filtrete Filter

3M Ultra Clean Replacement FAPF-03 Filtrete Filter

Quick Overview

  • 3M in the UK have discontinued this product so stock is no longer available 
  • Replacement electrostatic air filter for the Large 3M Filtrete air purifiers
  • 99.9% effective removal of pollen, dust mite debris and mould spores
  • High filtering performance

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

This replacement air purifier filter is suitable for the Filtrete™ Ultra Clean Room Air Purifier Large (FAP-03). Thanks to the quality materials and high filtering performance of this product, it is a very effective filter for removing particles.

As well as boasting a 99.9% removal rate when it comes to pollen, dust mite debris and mould spores, this Filtrete™ Ultra Clean Replacement Filter also offers an unrivalled combination of low noise, high clean air delivery rates and value for money. 

The filter works by effectively capturing particles that are commonly found around the home including dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke, other smoke and even particles that carry odours and viruses. Securely trapped in the filter, these disruptive particles are no longer floating around the house which means that any potential causes of discomfort - which may result in breathing difficulties, itchy eyes, irritated skin and many of the other symptoms of allergies - are eliminated. 

99.9% effective at removing particles from the air which passes through the purifier. 3M Recommends filter change after 3 months of continuous use:

  • To ensure particles removed during filtration are not returned to the environment during cleaning.
  • To ensure the electrostatic benefits of the filter are maintained; that's why washing the filters wouldn't work.
  • Replacing the filter is important for maintaining the effectiveness of your Filtrete™ Room Air Purifier