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Abaca Frequently Asked Questions

Stitching a natural mattressHere are a few commonly asked questions about the organic mattresses. If you have a question which isn’t answered on here, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.


Question: Why do the mattresses contain wool – does that not make them hot and itchy?
Answer: This is a common misconception about wool. In fact, wool is one of those rare natural materials that are actually able to regulate the temperature of even two people in the same bed! The natural breathable fibres can re-direct heat away from the body when it’s hot, and keep you toasty warm when it’s cold.

Question: If no synthetic fireproofing is used in manufacturing, how do these mattresses manage to pass the fire tests? 
Answer: One of the great benefits of wool is that it is naturally flame retardant. These mattresses contain layers of pure wool and contain no flammable materials.

Question: Why do these mattresses use organic cotton and not regular cotton?
Answer: Organic cotton is traditionally stronger and higher quality than standard non-organic cotton, because it has not undergone harsh chemical processing. Bleaches, pesticides and dyes can weaken the cotton and make it less durable. Furthermore, organic cotton does not ‘off-gas’ chemicals. This makes it ideal for everyone, particularly those with multiple chemical sensitivity.

Question: Is the mattress hard to maintain or care for?
Answer:  No. We recommend, as with any mattress, to turn yours as often as is practical. It is a good idea to protect your mattress with an organic mattress topper that can be washed and aired.

Question: Why do you use latex in some of your mattresses and where does it come from?
Answer: Natural latex is derived from the white sap of the Hevea brasiliensis (rubber) tree. Its firm yet cushioning texture is often likened to a natural alternative to memory foam. It is durable and long-lasting and contains absolutely no toxic petrochemicals or off-gassing foams. Unlike memory foam, natural latex is very breathable and cooling to sleep on when it’s hot. 

Question: Are the mattresses 100% organic or do they just contain organic materials?
Answer: All of the Abaca mattresses are certified organic by the Soil Association, which has rigorous requirements for certification. The pocket sprung mattresses do of course contain metal and these springs are individually wrapped in polypropylene. All metals come from a natural ore, however, and the polypropylene is necessary to protect the pocket springs against damage and friction. These are both in the deepest layers of the mattress and are not treated with extra chemicals. The Soil Association has given these a special dispensation as they are classed as an accessory.  


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