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About Us

Don and MaximaThe Healthy House® was established in 1991 as a small family business. Through personal experience of allergies and chemical sensitivities we realised that there was very little in the way of information or products available to help people who were also suffering. Although there is a lot more awareness now, at that time there was relatively little known about allergies.

Over the last 27 years the allergy market has changed with more and more businesses plugging into this expanding need. At The Healthy House® we remain faithful to our original mission in providing the safest and most effective products to relieve allergy symptoms. The Healthy House® continues to be amongst the most well informed and personally experienced allergy mail order companies. Over the years our knowledge and expertise in the field of allergies and sensitivities has expanded. We are continually looking for new products and are always interested in feedback from  our customers, medical and natural health practictioners. Read more about what our customers say

Our range of products has grown in size and technology, from a skeletal selection of goods to the wide encompassing collection we provide today.  

We offer products for allergies of all kinds including Asthma, Eczema, Dust Mite, Pet and Mould Allergies, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Electromagnetic, Geopathic Stress and S.A.D. These include air purifiers, dust mite bedding, water filters, light boxes for S.A.D., products for people with eczema and solutions for hay fever sufferers.

With a large proportion of customers suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, The Healthy House® offers products to help combat and reduce the use of chemicals in our lives: natural cleaning products, organic bedding, non toxic paint, cosmetics and much more.

The Healthy House® has proven to be a one-stop allergy shop for many thousands of people. If you would like more information please contact us. If you would like to read a full history of The Healthy House® please click here
The Healthy House Ltd is a registered company.
Company Registration number: 4860381
VAT number: 821311382