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  • Avida Wearable Air Purifier Black

Airvida L1 Wearable Air Purifier

Quick Overview

  • The Airvida will be out of stock for the foreseeable future
  • The most stylish, attractive wearable air purifier available
  • Employs ionisation technology to eliminate airborne particles around your head, rendering the air clean and safe to breathe
  • 99% protection from allergens, particles down to 2.5 microns and VOCs
  • Ideal for use when shopping, travelling, going to the gym

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

The most stylish and attractive wearable air purifier available

This incredibly stylish Airvida wearable air purifier is a must have for those who travel regularly, are exposed and react to chemicals and allergens, and for those who are keen to reduce the pollutants they breathe in. Its lightweight (just 70g), ergonomic design and the fact that it is completely silent makes it super comfortable to wear. Just put it on and forget about it while reaping the benefits.

They are now available in three tasteful options; pearl white, space black and soft pink.  We cannot promise that you will not want to collect all three or make sure that everyone in your family has one!

Feedback on the Airvida has been positive when used in everyday situations; for example attending yoga classes (in dusty environments), going out for dinner (if certain atmospheric allergens made this impossible previously) and on the underground.  Individuals who are sensitive to some fragrances and perfumes have also reported a reduction in symptoms, even though the smell itself may still be present. 

The metal logo on the back of the unit must be in contact with the skin in order for it to work. Similarly if using on a desk top the contact at the back must be touching the desk.

Ideal for use in the home, at work and out and about (providing it is not windy!) - Even jogging and walking.

Feedback from someone who didn't like the metal logo on the back though the only person who has commented on it and we find it very comfortable. However, it's very useful feedback because it has made such a difference to her life: 

"I still dislike the metal... (small metal logo at the back).  However, I can't send it back to you because it has transformed my life.  
In the month since I started wearing this I have done things I haven't been able to for a decade - I spent the whole week, whole long days at university in the run-up to my exhibition, whereas normally I'd have to leave after two or three hours even with being super careful.  I spent three nights glamping and attending the Berwick on Tweed film festival (did need to take regular glutenzymes to cope and left the device running all night by my head), visited both my sisters (one who has a mostly gluten free house, the other not) driving for many hours each day ( I still carry my own thermos so I don't have to go into service stations except to use the toilet).  Today I drove to visit a friend on her messy, dusty, gluten-crumby houseboat, having expected to have to borrow the lock-keepers garden for a chat, but managed two hours in her boat and still felt well enough to drive an hour and a half home.
I've also lent my Airvida to a friend who wanted one but is allergic to latex.  She is allergic to ordinary internal house paint, amongst other things, and has to detour when passing a house being painted.  She wore mine for an hour to see if it made her neck sore.  It didn't, so she is getting one, and looking forward to not feeling, like me, that she needs to walk around with an airtight bubble on her head.  While she wore my Airvida I did a few tasks and rapidly found my throat seizing up and my stomach getting sore, and I had gut reactions later..." feedback sent via email (5.10.18)

Uses ionisation technology to eliminate airborne particles around your head, rendering the air clean and safe to breathe

The Airvida wearable air purifier produces 2,000,000 negative ions per cm3 to give you clean air around your mouth and nose.  These ions attach to particles in the air from PM2.5 (one of the major sources of air pollution) to pollen causing them to become heavier and fall to the ground.  It will also decompose formaldehyde and effectively reduce airborne bacteria.  The ionisation produces ultra low ozone concentration of 0.006 ppm.

Helps to protect you from germs, allergenic particles and VOCs

The Airvida wearable air purifier will allow you to stay healthy and reduce your likelihood of picking up germs; reduce the triggers that cause your allergies and protect yourself from unwanted chemical pollutants. These include car fumes, VOCs from household products and furnishing, formaldehyde and cigarette smoke.  The ions remove the moisture from both germs and viruses, which prevents them from breeding. 

When you want improved air quality but do not want to wear it

The Airvida also functions as a table-top ionic air purifier by balancing perfectly on a flat surface.  Why not leave it by your bedside while you sleep to benefit from improved air quality throughout the night or place it on your desk at work. 

Sizing and material

Currently the Airvida is only available in one size, suitable for older teenagers and adults. The flexible design is suitable for neck size up to 15.5" (or less than 34.5cm). Please measure your neck before placing your order. The main materials used in the composition are natural rubber/silicone. There is a metal logo on the inside of the back, which must come into contact with your skin.

Maintenance and care

This product does not require any replacement filters, so there are no ongoing costs to factor in. Over time particles may have accumulated in the carbon brushes (which are protected by the hoods on either end). To maintain optimal performance use the enclosed fine cleaner, a slightly wet cotton swab or toothpick as indicated by the manufacturer to gently follow the brush hair to remove dust. Make sure not to clean the Airvida during operation and if it has been cleaned with wet swabs, it should be dried fully before the next operation. Please do not immerse the Airvida in liquid.  

The Airvida is designed for everyday use, however please ensure that the bracket is not forced when placing it around your neck and that the Airvida is protected when not in use, or when it is being carried in transit. 

What is in the box? 

Within each box, the following are present: 

  • Airvida wearable air purifier 
  • Adaptor (3 pin)
  • USB charging cable 
  • Brush cleaner 

If any of these components are missing, please contact us immediately.  

Other Important details

Airvida complies with European CE certification and meets the safety regulations of electronic products.  However, if you have a pacemaker or a history of respiratory problems, or heart or lung disease please consult a doctor before use. 

Operates in temperatures of 0 - 40 degrees C with relative humidity range from 30 - 85%.

Rechargeable via USB with battery life of 32 hours.

No replacement filters and one year warranty.