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Amaircare Roomaid

Amaircare air purifier on table at home

Tackle chemicals & impurities at home or ‘on the go’ with Amaircare air purifiers

The Amaircare air purifiers are ideal for removing chemicals and particulates in smaller areas. They are an excellent choice for the chemically sensitive.

Amaircare air purifiers provide both in-house and in-car air filtration with significant reduction of particulates, biologicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The housings for the Amaircare air purifiers are made from durable metal, which makes them particularly good for those who struggle with certain plastics or are chemically sensitive.

Not sure which Amaircare air purifier is right for your needs? Read some further information below to help you make an informed choice. Alternatively, call our knowledgeable, experienced advisors on 01453 752216 and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

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More about Amaircare

Amaircare offer a range of air purifiers suitable for different room sizes and needs. The XR100 portable car air purifier plugs in to your cigarette lighter socket or can be used in a hotel room or home using the mains transformer. It’s an ideal travel companion; effortlessly removing impurities like fuel gases, odours and allergens, so you can enjoy clean air wherever you are! At 3 air changes per hour, this unit is suitable for interior spaces up to 5m2.

Suitable for slightly larger indoor spaces up to 10m2, the Roomaid air purifiers come with a True HEPA filter and a choice of additional filter (carbon, multizorb or VOC canister) depending on model. An ideal choice for the home as well as caravans or hotel rooms, these compact yet sturdy units pack a punch in terms of filtration. You’ll be able to enjoy pure air virtually free from allergenic particles, bacteria and viruses, smoke and odours.

So why choose Amaircare? They design and manufacture their HEPA air filtration products in their family-owned headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Each product is carefully tested to the highest standards, and created with integrity and quality at the forefront. Established in 1994, Amaircare have been creating high-performance air purification solutions for over 20 years.

If you’re looking for a portable yet durable air purifier that tackles chemicals as well as allergens and particles, the Amaircare range is a great choice. Depending on the model, they effectively clean the air in rooms up to 10m2 (based on our standard measurement of 3 air changes per hour). If you’re looking to clean the air in a larger room, another unit may be better for you. You can sort air purifiers by recommended room size here.     

We offer replacement filters for the XR100 and replacement filters for the Roomaid air purifiersWe’ll also remind you when your filters are due for replacement, so you don’t need to worry.  



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