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Heaven Fresh

Family on sofa with Heaven Fresh air purifier

Feel revitalised with Heaven Fresh air purifiers

Heaven Fresh create quality, effective air purifiers inspired by the philosophy that Mother Nature knows the human body best. Founded by two Canadian air purification experts in 2003, Heaven Fresh believe that by replicating natural healing systems we can live longer, healthier lives.

Heaven Fresh air purifiers produce negative ions, normally found by waterfalls, glaciers and within alpine meadows. Many people find negative ions to be very revitalising and a great antidote to the stress and pollution of urban environments.

Heaven Fresh air purifiers combine a variety of state-of-the-art filtration technologies such as HEPA, electrostatic and activated carbon. Enjoy cleaner, revitalised air by removing irritants such as pet and dust mite allergens, pollens and even some bacteria and viruses. Check the specs on your chosen model to ensure that it meets your individual needs.

You can maintain your Heaven Fresh NaturoPure Air Purifiers with a range of replacement filters and UV bulbs.

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