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Radic8 Air Purifiers

Clean your air proactively, not passively! With or Radic8 air sterilisers

Radic8 air sterilisers offer a new way to think about air purification. They proactively, rather than passively, clean your air at home or work.

The vast majority of air purifiers work passively, for example those using filtration. These draw the air through the machine, passing it through a filter to purify it. The Radic8 units work proactively, by using a reactor cell to ensure maximum Photo-Catalysis for optimum levels of pollution destruction. This technology offers 'real-time' protection against odours, VOCs, allergens and pathogens, tackling even very tiny particles.

The Viruskiller VK Blue uses the same technology as the Radic8 along with a HEPA-type filter. 

Want to learn more about how PCO air sterilisers work? View more information and videos below...

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Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) technology is at the heart of how these air sterilisers work. Combining UV light with a titanium dioxide-coated filter creates super-oxidants, which bind to airborne pollutants such as VOCs, breaking them down into harmless water and CO2. 

The technology was originally developed by NASA for the International Space Station, in order to create a clean and healthy indoor air quality. It also effectively dealt with ethylene gas, produced by the plants on the space station.

While PCO technology has been successfully used in outer space for generations,  the Radic8 range of air purifiers/ sterilisers has perfected this for everyday use at home or work. Radic8's product line is suitable for most applications where airborne or surface pollutants are an issue.

These PCO air purifiers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to remove impurities such as odours, bacteria (even on surfaces), fungi, allergens, viruses and VOCs from indoor air. They are ideal for domestic environments, as well as the workplace. We have one in The Healthy House office, and no colds have spread around the office for years!

Don't forget, we'll help you to maintain your Radic8 air purifiers with a range of Replacement Radic8 UV Bulbs. Make sure you select an appropriate unit for your room size in order to ensure effective air purification. 

Introduction to Radic8 Video

Photocatalytic Information Video


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