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Ioniser DiagramIoniser air purifiers for a fresh environment

These air purifiers with ionisers are a great choice for anyone looking for multi-technology air filtration.

You can buy ionisers on their own, or choose an air purifier which includes a built-in ioniser for more comprehensive purification, like these units. The models listed here employ a range of different air cleaning techniques, ionisation being just one of these.

So how does an ioniser work? What are the best ionisers? The methods can vary according to the unit, but they generally dispel negative ions into the room.  These ions attach to allergens and unwanted particles like pollen, dust and smoke to form bigger particles. These can then be caught by the filters in the air purifier. They can also cause the particles to drop to the floor, making them easier to vacuum or clean away. Read more here about ionisation below....

How does an ioniser work?

 Air in our homes becomes positively charged which attracts and holds suspended dust particles. We then breathe these particles in. If you’re allergic, these particles can trigger symptoms like sneezing, coughing and irritation of the eyes.

In a natural, clean outdoor environment the electrostatic balance of positive and negative ions is approximately equal.  However, in an enclosed indoor space the negative ions are depleted.

An ioniser is not only used to facilitate the filtration process within your air purifier but also to discharge ions into the air itself. Negative ions produced by an ioniser restore the electrical balance by neutralising the positive ions. The negative ions can attach to the allergenic particles to form larger ones, which can then be trapped in a filter. Alternatively they can fall to the floor or collect on surfaces to be cleaned away later.

Ionisers are used in electrostatic air filters but the ionisation process continues outside these filters.

Some people swear by the wellness benefits of negative ions. More research needs to be done to prove these benefits, but there are plenty of anecdotal reports that negative ions may help with mood improvement and stress relief.  

If you have one, make sure you keep the HEPA filter in your ioniser air purifier maintained properly and replaced when recommended. This in turn helps to keep the ioniser working effectively and prevents it from returning allergenic particles back into the room.

Disclaimer: Information included here is not intended to be used as a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.