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Carbon Filter

Air Purifier Carbon Filter MaterialCarbon air filters for tackling odours and impurities

If you want to filter away unwanted smells, gases and vapours from your indoor air, air purifiers with carbon filters are a great choice.

These are also known as activated carbon air purifiers and are derived from charcoal. It is a form of carbon specially processed with steam and oxygen to give it tiny pores. This property increases the surface area available. This increased surface area increases its adsorption capabilities. Just one gram of activated carbon is thought to have s a surface area in excess of 500 m2. This level of surface area is sufficient for the adsorption of gases and vapours. 

Activated carbon air purifiers filters are great for the removal of oil vapours, odours and other gases. The most common designs use a 1 or 2 stage filtration principle in which activated carbon is embedded inside the filter media. In some filters, additives are used to increase the chemical absorbency of the activated carbon, for example the Roomaid Multizorb filter and the Blueair SmokeStop filters.

These air purifiers all contain carbon filtration. Click on the products to find out more, or call us on 01453 752216 if you'd like more information on carbon filtration and its applications.