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  • Puremate PM510 what it takes out
  • Puremate PM510 filter explanation

PureMate PM510

Quick Overview

  • 5 stage filtration provides the highest quality of air
  • True HEPA filter removes particles down to 0.3 microns 
  • Activated charcoal cleans the air of household odours
  • Quiet in operation 
  • Clean air in room sized up to 20m2
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Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

5 stage filtration provides the highest quality of air

This afforable PM510 unit with it's sleek design is able to rid the air in the room of particles and odours.  The filter indicator light will flash to remind you to replace the filter which will keep your unit running at it's best at all times.

The pre-filter captures the largest of particles such as hairs and dust particles and together with the activated charcoal which is very porous, promotes an uneven surface allowing only the small partcles to continue through to the True HEPA filter.  

True HEPA filter removes particles down to 0.3 microns 

The True HEPA filter removes particles down to 0.3 micron such as dust, pollen, mould spores and pet dander however combined with the activated carbon this figure can drop to around 0.3 microns. 

UV light is used for sterilisation against microorganisms such as germs, airborne viruses, mould spores and bacteria and together with the titanuim dioxide (TIO2), decomposes odour molecules caused by smoking, cooking and pets.

Negative ions are then released to eliminate the tiny particles suspended in the air and make the air quality feel fresher all round. 

Quiet in operation

When set on low the unit is very quiet operation which is great for both work or living environments, it will simply sit unnoticed doing its job to improve your environment as you live, work and sleep.

Clean air in room sized up to 20m2

The PM510 air purifier will easily filter the air in your room size up to 20m2 3 times an hour on the high setting. 

The Healthy House® recommends their air purifiers based on a minimum of 3 air changes per hour.