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Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic Air FilterElectrostatic air cleaners for efficient filtration

These electrostatic air cleaners and purifiers use the principle of electrostatic attraction to trap airborne particles and allergens. How do they do this? They ionise these unwanted particles then trap them in a filter, a little like a magnet!

An electrostatic filter uses electrostatic charged polypropylene and polyurethane filtration medias. These attract particles as small as .03 micron. To give you an idea of how tiny this is, 1 micron = 1/25,000 in!

A safe electrostatic discharge is produced by forcing air across the filter. This static charge attracts and traps airborne particles into the filter. One of the benefits of an electrostatic filter is that it is very efficient, removing up to 95.3% of airborne particles. The charge helps pull more particles from the air than some filters without a charge.

Here is a selection of air purifiers that make use of electrostatic technology to deliver you pure, clean air...

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