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Chemicals, Gases & Fumes

Chemicals, Gases & FumesEase the chemical load on your body with our air purifiers

Do you live on a busy road where pollution levels are high?
Do you feel unwell when exposed to perfumessolvents and chemicals in your home or office?

An air purifier that is specially designed to neutralise or adsorb chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde can make a real difference to how you feel if you are chemically sensitive, or to your general health. Pollutants can come from paints, offgassing from soft furnishings and upholstery, MDF furniture, bedding, carpets, vinyl flooring, cleaning products and perfumes within the home. They can also come from traffic fumes and particulates and the spraying of chemicals onto farmland.

Recommended filtration for chemical removal includes: an activated carbon filter to remove odours and some chemicals, an enhanced carbon filter to absorb a broader range of gases and chemicals, including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), photocatalytic oxidation, which uses UV light and Titanium dioxide to destroy VOCs, viruses and bacteria.

Not sure which unit is best for you? Call our friendly team with years of experience in air purification on 01453 752216 and we'll be pleased to assist you. For more information read our Quick Guide to Air Purifiers.