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  • U Range Air Purifier image

Winix U300 Air Purifier

Quick Overview

  • 5 Stage advanced filtration for eliminating airborne contaminants
  • SmartSensors that monitor air quality
  • Night Time mode ideal for bedrooms
  • Suitable for rooms up to 28m2
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Winix U300 features 5 Stage advanced filtration for eliminating airborne contaminants

Washable Pre-Filter remove larger particles from your air allowing the later filters filter much smaller particles.

True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns giving you clean healthy particle free air. 

Advanced Odour Control Carbon Filter gives extra protection over normal carbon filters and removes a wide range of contaminants such as household odours from smoke, pets and cooking as well as organic compounds like VOCs. The filter is washable which extends the life of the filter.

Cleancel Technology is a treatment that is encorporated into the carbon filter to stop bacteria in the machine.

PlasmaWave Technology produces hydroxyl radicals that neutralize, bacteria, chemicals, VOCs, gases and odours giving you clean healthy air.

SmartSensors that monitor air quality

The Winix U300 has an air quality sensor that detects the presence of airborne pollutants. The unit automatically increases the fan speed to clean higher air volumes and so remove the impurities quickly.

Night Time mode ideal for bedrooms

Together with the Auto mode which allows the unit to remain on low and the intelligent monitor which dims the control panel during the darker hours, the Winix U300 are perfect air purifiers for the bedroom.