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Advanced Range

The air purifiers in the Advanced Range have a broad range of filter capacity that will remove a wide range of contaminants from the air giving you clean healthy air. The capacity of these machines include the following:

  • A pre-filter to remove larger particles before the air reaches the more specialized filters thus saving the later filters from getting clogged.
  • A true HEPA filter to remove particles down to 0.3 microns. The True HEPA filter will remove most dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores, dust mites particles, cigarette smoke and even particles as small as bacteria and some viruses giving you virtually particle free air.
  • Enhanced activated carbon filter will not only remove organic smells like cooking smells, smoke, body odour and mould smells but is effective at removing a wide range of VOCs, other solvents and formaldihyde. This filter will remove the chemicals that are off gased from new carpets, paint and new sofas.
  • Plasma technology is also included in these machines. It is photocatalytic oxidation which uses a UV light to activate titanium dioxide to produce hydroxal radicals that remove bacterias, germs and some viruses.
  • Some of these units are treated so that bacteria will not grow on the unit. 
  • These machines also have automatic settings and dust and chemical sensors that will increase the fan speed when the sensor detects a smell or chemical in the air.
  • Some air purifiers have a reminder light that will light up when the filters need replacing.
  • See the specs for each unit to see what features the air purifier has.


These air purifiers will remove large and very small particles, smells,odours, traffic fumes and chemicals including VOCs, bacteria and some viruses (only some viruses have been tested) and also have a range of useful features like automatic settings, dust and chemical sensors. They will deliver clean healthy air to your home. Please check the specs of each machine to see what features each unit has.


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