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Mid Range

The Mid Range contain air purifiers that have a true HEPA filter, activated carbon and plasma technology (titanium dioxide and a UV light) and an ioniser.

The true HEPA filter removes particles down to 0.3 microns so will remove tiny particles of pollen, dust mite faeces, house dust, mould spores and some bacteria.

The carbon filter will remove organic smells and some basic chemcals. It will also remove smoke.

The plasma technology produces hydroxal radicals that kill bacteria and some viruses and help remove traffic fumes and VOCs.

These machines may also have extra functions such as child locks, air quality sensors, automatic settings and/or filter replacment lights. 


These units are general use air purifiers that have some additional features like air quality sensors and plasma technology. They contain activated carbon rather than enhanced activated carbon which also helps in the removal of VOCs and solvents. If you have problems with these chemicals from carpets and soft furnishings we suggest you look at the air purifiers in the Advannced Range.


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