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Respilon R-shield Nanofiber Scarf

Quick Overview

  • A circular antismog scarf and respirator all in one that pulls over the head
  • Captures 99.9% of all airborne particles and pathogens using a nanofiber layer
  • Helps protect you from PM1.0, viruses, bacteria, pollen, mites, dust, automobile exhaust fumes and PM2.5
  • Ideal to fight the symptoms of hay fever and to provide protection on-the-go
  • May reduce the long term effects of breathing in polluted air
  • Suitable to be used as a face shield for walkers, runners, cyclists and commuters
  • Product made from 3 materials 

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

A circular anti-smog scarf that pulls over the head

The scarf pulls over the head and is held securely in place with the integral noseclip. It is comfortable to wear and one size fits all.  

Captures 99% of all airborne particles using a nanofiber layer

The nanofiber lining in the face area helps protect you from breathing in bacteria, smog, spores, allergens, fungus, pollen, microbes, dust, dirt, liquid, emissions, PM2.5 (relating to air pollution) and automobile exhausts (PM1.0).  This mask will also provide protection from the sun and the cold.  

Suitable to be used as a face shield

Suitable to be used as a face shield for walkers, runners, cyclists and families with children.  Great if you commute in a city or just want protection as you leave the house - even when you spend time in the garden or go for a walk.  Perfect for protecting sensitive airways from irritants.  

Why choose an R-shield? 

The RESPILON® nanofiber filter boasts a higher filtration efficiency of smog PM2.5 and PM1.0 particles than any other product whilst giving you normal breathability.  Independent European, Chinese and American testing suggests that this filter will capture the most dangerous airborne particles and pathogens from the air with an efficiency level of 99.9%.  

Instructions for Use 

1.  Pull the scarf carefully over your head. 

2.  Adjust the scarf so that the nanofiber filter is in front of your mouth.  

3.  Press the adjustable nose clip over the bridge of the nose in order to prevent air leakage around your nose.  

4.  Use the elastic band with a plastic cord to hold the scarf firmly around the head. 

5.  Make sure the inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane.  

6.  After use loosen the nose clip, take off the scarf gently and store it for future use.  

Environmentally conscious credentials 

The R-Shield and its packaging are environmentally friendly and recyclable.  This company give a portion of their profits to carbon offset emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases.  

The scarf is made from 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane.  The Nanofiber membrane is made from 99.99% Polypropylene.  

Washing Instructions 

Hand wash only in warm water - up to 30°C using washing powder or washing soap.  Handle the nanofiber membrane with care - just soak in water and rub it with your hands.  Do not use bleach, bile soap, fabric conditioner or water softeners.  

Not suitable for dry cleaning.  

After washing, wring the scarf out gently by hand.  Spin drying is not recommended.  Hang the scarf and let it dry freely, do not dry in a dryer.  

Do not iron or steam.  Ironing or thermal straightening may cause permanent damage to the scarf or lower its efficiency.