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Washable Masks

Washable cold weather mask for webReusable breathing masks

Looking for an allergy mask that you can use regularly whilst travelling or 'out and about'? These reusable face masks fold neatly into a pocket or handbag. They can help to prevent you from inhaling airborne irritants whilst you are at home or away from home. The masks are available in a range of attractive colours and materials. Choose from silk, organic cotton, polyester with a carbon filter and a polyester fleece lined with silk.

Read the product information for more details on which particles these washable masks can filter and how they can help you with your individual condition. If you'd like some more advice, call our friendly team on 01453 752216.

A washable mask is convenient and cost effective, lasting longer than the disposable masks. If you are looking for a mask for short term use which requires higher filtration efficiency, try these alternative disposable masks.

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