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Prem-I-Air Dehumidifiers

Cost effective Prem-I-Air dehumidifiers for small spaces

A dehumidifier needn’t be huge and bulky to be effective in small areas. These Prem-I-Air dehumidifiers are great for small spaces such as cupboards and under the stairs.

Extremely cost effective, these mini dehumidifiers are perfect for protecting books and boxes, keeping them dry and free from mould, damp and mildew.

They are also ideal for placing in a cupboard or wardrobe to help protect clothing and storage. Choose from the mini peltier unit or rechargeable silica dehumidifier for convenient, cost-effective humidity control. No spillages or mess! Simply leave your mini dehumidifier in an enclosed, small space and allow it to absorb the excess moisture from the air.

Prem-I-Air is based in St.Helens, England, and offers quality and great value air quality control. Looking to dehumidify a larger area? Browse our dehumidifiers category here or contact us for advice.

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