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  • Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Humidifier Open

Boneco U200 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Quick Overview

  • Cool mist ultrasonic humidifier
  • The level of humidification is controlled by an output control knob
  • Ionic Silver Stick utilises the antibacterial effects of silver
  • Demineralisation cartridge provides water mist without limescale
  • Mist can be set to cool or warm 

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

The Boneco Ultrasonic U200 humidifier employs an Ionic Silver Stick® and demineralisation cartridge to ensure that the water that is converted into a fine mist is free from limescale and has benefited from the antibacterial effects of silver.  This unit combines subtle water illumination (optional) with whisper-quiet functionality and compact design to ensure that it fits into everyday life.  There is an optional fragrance container at the bottom of the unit allowing you to add the essential oil of your choice.  

Please note that this appliance does not have an integrated hygrostat - the manufacturers recommend using an external hygrostat to avoid damage through over-humidification.  

Low energy consumption 

The high humidification output guarantees optimal humidification with a low energy consumption of 20 W.

Employs antibacterial effects of silver and prevents limescale in the mist produced

The integrated Ionic Silver Stick® and the demineralisation cartridge keep the water fresh and free of minerals.

Quiet and efficient functionality

The unit is whisper-quiet, allowing for a restful sleep or an undisturbed working environment.  The removable tanl has a handle for easy refilling and it is easy to control the output via a control knob.  No need to worry when to refill with water - the indicator on the unit will clearly show when this needed.  

Optional fragrance container 

The fragrance container allows for individual room scenting by adding an essential oil of your choice.  A few drops dropped on to the fleece pad in the container should be sufficient - the essential oils should never be added directly to the container.  These oils should not be added to any other part of the humidifier.  Please ensure that the fragrance container is removed before emptying and cleaning the appliance.  

Cleaning and maintenance 

Please ensure that the unit is cleaned as per the instructions within the manual.