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Airfree® Iris 40

Quick Overview

  • Item out of stock - See available Airfree Air Sterilisers
  • Sterilises the air using incinerator technology, leaving you with pure air
  • Incinerates bacteria, mould, ozone, pollen, viruses, allergens & particles in its ceramic core, instead of trapping them in a filter
  • Choose from nine coloured lights or cycle through them automatically
  • No filters for fuss-free easy maintenance
  • Purifies air in areas up to 16m2
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Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

Sterilises your air at home using incinerator technology

The Airfree Iris 40 Air Steriliser uses patented TSS technology, destroying allergens, ozone, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mould and particles in a ceramic core. It can minimise the symptoms of hay fever once the unit has been in place for 2-3 weeks.  Pollen will be kept to a minimum thereafter.  While many air purifiers simply trap particles in a filter, exposing you to them when you come to replace the filter, the Airfree air sterilisers actually completely destroy impurities. They also kill airborne bacteria and viruses, leaving you with truly clean and healthy air.

You can read more about TSS technology in the Incinerator Technology tab.

The Airfree Iris 40 Air Steriliser is Silent and maintenance-free

The Airfree Iris 40, as with all of the other models in the Airfree range, does not require any replacement filters. This saves you time, hassle and money. Simply plug it in and it will get to work, silently cleaning the air in your room so that you can breathe healthily. Even if you're a light sleeper, you'll be able to use the silent Airfree Iris 40 in your bedroom without any disturbance. 

Suitable for small rooms sized up to 16m2

The Airfree Iris 40 Air Steriliser is ideal for smaller rooms up to 16 sq m. It should not be moved around as it is designed for one room use. It takes up to 21 days for the levels of allergens and microorganisms to be reduced by 85%. From then on they are kept to a minimum.

If this unit doesn't cater for your desired room size, you can view the full Airfree range of air purifiers.