10 Facts about Dust Mite and Allergy to Dust Mites

  1. The dust mite allergen is called DerP1.
  2. The allergen DerP1 is in the dust mite's faecal pellets
  3. Dust mites live for 3 months and produce up to 2000 faecal pellets; each dust mite lays 20 to 40 eggs during its life
  4. An average unprotected bed can harbour more than 10,000 dust mites and 2,000,000 faecal pellets
  5. Dust mite allergy can develop at any age
  6. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis, headaches and ear blockage. It can also be a trigger for asthma and eczema
  7. Sufferers feel worse in the morning and when sitting on infested soft furnishings like sofas, upholstered chairs and carpet
  8. Dust mites eat shed skin that has to be broken down by mould so they need warm moist beds and soft furnishing to live in
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Top tips for natural dust mite protection
  1. Air your bed well, leave the duvet folded back so it can dry out during the day
  2. Keep the relative humidity below 50%. With low humidity, there is no water for the dust mites to consume and moulds will not grow
  3. Vacuum your bed and carpets well with an efficient vacuum cleaner or use a bed vac to kill dust mites and bacteria and remove allergens
  4. Wash your bedding at 60 degrees to kill the dust mites and to dissolve their faeces. Alternatively you can wash at a lower temperature with the addition of FabriCleanse to kill the dust mites and denature the allergens
  5. When possible, hang your bedding in the sun as dust mites don't like sun or heat
  6. Open your windows to let in fresh air. This will remove the particles that are floating in the air and get rid of the build-up accumulation of toxins
  7. Don't use toxic chemicals to kill dust mites. Remember you sleep where they live and you will be breathing in these chemicals. Use safe non-toxic sprays instead
  8. Use either untreated cotton or untreated polyester barrier cases that enclose the bedding completely or use a dust mite proof mattress case and dust mite proof pillows and a dust mite proof duvet
  9. Use a good air purifier in your bedroom to remove the dust mite allegens from the air
  10. Use a comprehensive approach to dust mites by using one of the bedroom packs to protect against dust mites.