The following e-mail came in yesterday and although I do not know where the research was done it seems to offer good advice. Many chemically sensitive people react to the chemicals offgassed by the fabrics and plastics in the car. This information on air conditioning is rather important with the possible link to cancer causing agents. The e-mail is as follows: "Never put the air conditioner (A/C) on the moment you enter into your car. Instead, open the windows and wait several minutes before putting on the A/C. Here's why: According to research, the dashboard, seats and the air coolant emit benzene, a cancer-causing toxin (carcinogen - take the time to observe the scent of hot plastic in your car). The benzene poisons your bones and causes a weakening and/or reduction of white blood cells. The extended exposure may cause leukaemia, and it can even cause a miscarriage in pregnant women.

The acceptable level of benzene for the interior of the vehicle is 50 mg/psi. A car parked inside a garage with the windows closed can contain of 400 to 800 mg/psi. of benzene. If the car is parked outside in the sun with the temperature of more of 60°F, the benzene level can climb until 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level...

People that enter their car without opening the windows inevitably willquickly breathe in excessive quantities of the toxin. Benzene is a toxin that affects the kidneys and the liver. The worst thing about it is that it is extremely difficult to expel this toxin from the body.
So, my friends, before entering your car, please open the windows and doors, giving the air inside your vehicle time to escape and to renew itself."