The Airfree air sterilisers are unique in the way they work. They contain no fan or motor as such but an inner core that incinerates airborne particles. They are particularly effective for dust mite and mould allergy.

  • Completely silent and maintenance free
  • The Airfrees have always been popular but the latest version, the E40, has become a favourite for anyone suffering from airborne allergies - particularly dust mites and mould.
  • There are 4 Airfree air sterilisers in the range - all the same physical size but with different capacities to suit rooms from 16 sq m up to 50 sq m.
  • Designed for one room use and economical to run, just plug in and forget about it. It takes up to 21 days to reach its full benefit though some customers have noticed a difference within one or two days. 

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