Over the last 15 years we have observed the requirements of our customers change quite considerably. When the Healthy House first started we had a few very loyal, severely chemically sensititive people who relied on us to provide them with any products that could make their lives more comfortable and easier. At one point we could not source activated carbon masks with untreated organic cotton and no synthetics so Maxima hand made them for one customer.
Times have changed at the Healthy House and while we still have the same customers that we started with, and it is always nice to hear from them, they have been joined by a wealth of other people. We have put this down to an increase in awareness both of allergies and the healthy house, but increasingly we have been aware that it is also the result of more people having allergies than they did 15 years ago. This was highlighted in an article from March on the ABC News site. It simply states that more children have allergies than their parents. It appears that the IgE level (indicator in the blood of allergies) is four times higher in children than in their parents. An interesting article and well worth reading.