Our allergy sprays and lotions contain no insecticides or propellants that might cause problems.  Instead they contain natural ingtredients that neutralise, denature and encapsulate allergens in the air, on furnishings and in the washing.

Allergens have a protective outer shell ...

Allergens such as dust mite allergen, moulds, and pet allergens have a protective outer shell and in the case of pollen a hard casing. The essential oils in the allergy sprays break down this outer protective shell making the inner core vulnerable. The quaternium salts as well as other ingredients then encapsulate the cells so that when an allergic person is exposed to the encapsulated allergen either by skin contact or ingestion, the white blood cells no longer see the allergen as a "foreign body". Consequently there us no allergic reaction to the substance.

Great for pets, moulds, dust mite allergen and pollens.

Allergy Sprays Boy with cat