Be prepared and don't let hay fever get you down this spring

If you didn't see our blog about foods that cross react with various pollens, you can read it now. By eliminating these foods for the worst period of hay fever, you may be able to significantly reduce your symptoms. 

Car air purifierThere are also some excellent products to help reduce your symptoms. Our new sport's mask could also be of great benefit if you are out exercising. This one is clearly designed for a lady but there are others on the way. And if hay fever gets you while you are driving, close up the windows and use an XR-100 car air purifier to filter particles and fumes from the air in the car.


If walking the dog is one of your daily activities, remember that the dog can bring pollen in on it's coat so if you suffer badly it might be best to keep the dog to one area of the house and keep other rooms as pollen free as possible.