The Healthy Office aims to reduce sickness, sick building syndrome and allergies at work.

The result of poor indoor air quality is that allergies and office sickness is at an all time high. Recirculating the air dramatically increases the chance of cross-contamination. When one person sneezes, the germs can infect a room for over one hour. 

How does the rest of the team feel if one person has a cold?

Speaking recently to our web designer, he said that when someone comes in with a cold the rest of the team does its best to get that person to go home before it spreads to the rest of the office. Most of us are familiar with this scenario and the issue arises for the person with the cold when he or she feels well enough to work but does not want to spread germs to colleagues. We know from our own experience that colds can spread like wildfire through the office. Since installing a Radic8 last year, we have had no incidence of cross contamination from one person's cold to a colleague. A brilliant solution!

Radic8 is the proactive solution to tackling the problem of cross contamination.

Radic8 uses technology developed for use on the international space station in order to purify the air. Radic8's advanced photo-catalytric oxidation technology uses ultra violet light as an energy source for the titanium dioxide catalyst in order to create super oxidants and disperse them into the air stream.

  • Radic8 pro-actively fills the air space it services with super oxidants and eradicates airborne pollutants such as bacteria and viruses, as well as VOCs, mould and mildew and allergens
  • Radic8 creates super oxidants that pro-actively seek and destroy odours