Beds can harbour dust mites; bedrooms can be dusty and sometimes musty causing mould allergy to flare up. Make sure your children are equipped to sail comfortably through the change of accommodation.

Toiletries and laundry products can also create a problem for sensitive people. Make sure yours are equipped with safer natural products.

All students use an array of electronic devices, which are an essential part of their lifestyle. It's impossible to get away from this fact whether we like it or not. See our range of WaveWall protective products. 

Top tips for protection:

  • Airfree Air Steriliser - the perfect companion for allergic students. An Airfree steriliser is a perfect unit to plug in and forget about. It sits on the floor (or a desk) and destroys all particles passing through it. It destroys viruses, bacteria and other airborne particles including mould spores and dust mite particles. The Airfree is silent and completely maintenance free. It is for use in one room and takes 14 - 21 days to reach it's maximum effectiveness, though many people notice a difference in their symptoms straight away. From then on the level of microorganisms will have been reduced by 85%  and are then kept to a minimum.
  • Dust Mite Proof Barrier Cases - Most university accommodation requires students to bring their own bedding. Mattresses can be several years old and from the age of 6 months will almost certainly be harbouring dust mites. These will continue to proliferate causing symptoms in allergic people. Covering the mattress, pillow and duvet in a dust mite proof barrier case ensures that the person in the bed is not exposed to the allergenic faeces produced by the dust mites. The material of the cases is very densely woven so that it is impenetrable to dust mites. Those already within the bedding cannot get out and any dust mites that may be present in the room cannot get in to the bedding.
    Barrier cases are available as a bed set with a 10% saving, or you can combine a dust mite proof mattress case with a dust mite proof pillow and a dust mite proof duvet (which do not need an extra cover).
  • Anti Allergen / Mould Pack - the ideal pack to instantly deal with allergens in the air, on furnishings and in the laundry. Save 10% when you buy the pack.
  • Toiletries and cleaning products - For sensitive students, both toiletries and laundry products can cause symptoms, either causing skin conditions, aggravating asthma or affecting those who are chemically sensitive.
  • Protection from electronic devices - Whether it's university, boarding school or regular school, students now use a variety of electronic devices. Why not help those close to you by providing a WaveWall protective case for their mobile and one for their laptop and iPad - check sizes carefully - (the iPad case comes in two sizes and the laptop case in one size). 
  • Harmonising products are another way of helping to combat electrosmog. Phi energyDOTs come in the form of smartDOTs for any electronic devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops. They also come in the form of wearable harmonising DOTs. Green8 harmonising products are also available for mobile device protection and personal protection.

    Phi energyDOTs currently at 10% off until the end of August.


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