When we got back from Vienna late one night last week we found that the water pipes (located in a shed outside the house) were frozen and when we started to thaw them out our wholehouse water filter, which we have had for at least 15 years cracked. Within about 4 days I noticed not only that there was a smell of chlorine in the house every time I ran the washing up water but also that my hands have become very dry and chapped. I had never related the fact that I didn't suffer from chapped hands any more to the use of the wholehouse water filter system so I was quite surprised when I realised that my hands felt uncomfortably dry and raw. Using handcream  - which I don't usually need to do -certainly helps but only for a few hours.  If you suffer from dry and chapped hands, consider the water you are using to wash up and bathe in. I can't wait to install our new wholehouse unit this week end and in the meantime we'll be using a shower filter and filling the bath through the shower. If you would like to read more about the benefits of both drinking and bathing water filters, please click here.