We have recently been carrying out testing with the Electrosmog detector in homes of friends and relatives and have been horrified by the fields that are being picked up from WiFi and DECT phones in the home. These are issues that can be dealt with if they are coming from your own electronic gadgetry but when it comes to public spaces, masts and other people's mobile phones, DECT phones and WiFi  there is less one can do.  If you look about you in urban areas you see masts on public buildings, office buildings and even schools and colleges. And of course, you may also notice masts resembling trees. There are also masts hidden in church spires and on people's houses that you will not be aware of. A customer has alerted us to the attached article found yesterday in the Liverpool Echo citing a "Mobile phone mast hidden in flagpole by Tesco landlord". To read the article please click here.