Hay fever can be a really debilitating condition and a complete misery for people who suffer badly. While the majority of sufferers take pharmaceutical antihistamines and grin and bear it, others look to a more natural approach to the problem.


So, if you suffer from hay fever what practical tips can we give you that will make a real difference?


You may wonder why you feel worse at different times of the day and particularly at night when you would have thought things would calm down. This is due to what is called a pollen shower. During the day while it is warm outside the pollen rises and forms a cloud. Once the temperature drops late at night or in the early hours the cloud "bursts" resulting in a pollen shower.


If you suffer badly either overnight or during the day there are several things you can do about it.


  1. It is a good idea to keep all the clothes and shoes you have worn during the day outside your bedroom.
  2. Take a shower before going to bed and wash and dry your hair. Pollen tends to get lodged in amongst the hairs. Make sure the bathroom isn't exposed to pollen where it could settle on the towels!
  3. Make sure that if you have pets they do not come into the bedroom. Not only can the pet allergen affect you, but also they will bring pollen indoors on their coat that can then be brought into your bedroom.
  4. Keep your bedroom windows and door closed so that pollen is kept to a minimum. If you need to have the window open at night install an effective air purifier between you and the window. This should help to trap any pollen that is coming in through the window.
  5.  Many hay fever sufferers swear by an ioniser to use during the pollen season. This gives off negatively charged ions that cause the positively charged pollen to be drawn towards the ioniser or to fall onto flat surfaces.


Other general tips


  1. An effective air purifier is very useful in your living area as it filters all the air in the room and traps any pollen.
  2. We offer natural, non-toxic sprays that can be used to neutralise the pollen and other allergens in the air. Effectively this clears the air of allergens since they are denatured by the spray and once denatured your body will not recognise the particles as allergens.
  3. There are lots of natural hay fever remedies one even uses pepper (capsicum) as its active ingredient. This Sinus Buster (people with hay fever often go on to suffer from sinus problems) actually causes a split second "bite" in the nostril that deactivates the nerve fibres that cause swelling and pain. The capsicum instantly relieves this swelling and pain for up to 12 hours.
  4. You may find that your hay fever is worse because of "overload" and that during the hay fever season if you can reduce your exposure to other allergens you may find that your hay fever is not as bad.
  5. Cross-reactions: some foods and pollens that belong to the same food family cross-react with each other. This means that you may be able to eat a food for most of the year but during the pollen season you may find you cannot tolerate it. This is caused by it cross-reacting with the pollen. There are different types of pollens that affect hay fever sufferers at different times of the year. For instance grass pollen cross reacts with foods in the grass family these include wheat  and other grains that contain gluten and also sugar.