Often illness over Christmas is put down to stress and overwork over the year, but there may be another reason. If you enjoy a real Christmas tree and bring it in a couple of weeks before Christmas, the mould spores relish the warmth and by the time Christmas comes round they have proliferated enormously and any movement in the room will encourage them to release their spores into the air. This is when mould allergic people start to react, with sneezing, wheezing, tightness in the chest or asthma or even the less known symptoms of aching joints and depression. This is one of the reasons that many people take a trip to Accident and Emergency over the Christmas period. A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch about a nursery owner in Delaware confirms that real Christmas trees can be a health hazard to some people. To read the article please click here. If you do have problems with mould on a real tree or dust and mould on an artificial tree try the AirCleanse and the HomeCleanse. This will help to denature the dust and mould spores both on the tree and in the air helping to reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction.