Use Corded Phones...Where Possible

Though we advocate corded phones, we know that not everyone is willing to change from the conveience of a cordless phone.  If you are going to use one, protection on the base station and each hand set is very important.

Combating Electromagnetic Emissions

There are a number of products available to help you combat Electrical Sensitivity.

Green8 Back at 290 ElectroDot 290

Green8 Gold Small Harmoniser For Mobile Phones and DECT Phones
Helps to neutralise harmful electromagnetic frequencies. For smartphones, mobiles and DECT phones.

Electrodot EMF Harmonizer
Designed to reduce the health risk from electromagnetic radiation. Ideal for use on mobile phones, DECT phones, iPads, MP3 players.

Video: Electrosmog Detector & Eco Dect Siemens Gigaset C385 Demo

There are digital cordless phones made by Siemens and Orchid that only emit radiation when actually being used as shown in the video below.

If you are concerned about the radiation emitted by your cordless phone, Electrosmog Detectors can be rented by the week.

To read more on DECT phones: Cordless phones: the unspoken DECT hazard at home and at work.

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