Although you would think that having a shower or bath would make you feel clean and refreshed, many people find that they actually make their eczema worse. Though many eczema sufferers do not go to a public swimming pool because of the effect of the chlorine on their skin, they do not connect this with the effects of showering or bathing in chlorinated tap water.

In order to make our water supply safe, the water companies add chlorine to kill bacteria and viruses. Chlorine does an excellent job killing the bugs in our water but chlorine is a yellow-green poisonous gas that has a corrosive effect on organic matter.
People are organic matter. The chlorine in your bath and shower will have a drying effect on your skin and make already sensitive skin more sensitive and itchier. If the outer surface of your skin is broken and sore, the chlorine in your bath and shower water will further aggravate these sore and broken areas.
An ideal and economical solution is a Bath and Shower Set. This set contains a shower filter and a Crystal Ball bath dechlorinator, giving you all you need if you have a separate shower and a bath. If you have a shower over your bath, and can fill your bath from the shower water, then a shower filter will suffice.
The shower filter is available either for high pressure or low pressure and fits easily between the shower head and the hose. Simply unscrew your shower head, screw in the shower filter and reattach the shower head. The Crystal Ball hangs on the tap so the water runs over the ball while the bath is filling. You then need to swill the ball around in the bath to get rid of the remaining chlorine.