Cleaning can be effective and rewarding without using toxic chemicals

What to avoid in Cleaning Products

Whilst most commonly available cleaning and laundry products contain a long list of chemicals, there is a selection of ingredients that it is wise to avoid. Generally, if the product does not contain any of the following ingredients, the manufacturers have gone to lengths to find more natural and non-toxic ingredients.

  • ·         Formaldehyde
  • ·         Ammonia
  • ·         Chlorine bleach
  • ·         Synthetic perfumes

To read more about these ingredients, please click here.

Cleaning Products that are Kind to the Environment and Kind to Your Health

We have recently added a new range of Ecozone products to offer you most of the products you need for general household cleaning.

Kitchen Essentials Pack
Our Kitchen Essentials Pack offers the basic cleaning products for your kitchen with a free Washing Up Liquid. Our very favourite product is the All Purpose Cleaning Paste which has amazing results even on things you didn't think would come clean. Our granddaughter recently drew on a desk with a black marker which horrified her parents. We got out the magic cleaning paste and the black marker disappeared instantly.

Bathroom Essentials Pack
The Bathroom Essentials Pack offers a Toilet Cleaner, a Magnaloo to keep the toilet free of limescale, a stainless steel Toilet Smellkiller , a pack of Microfibre Cleaning Cloths and a free Bathroom Cleaner.

Washing Set
The Washing Set combines the Ecozone Ecoballs with the bluemagicball, a great little blue ball that kills bacteria in your washing naturally using silver.