Are the electrosensitive the canaries in the mine?

Big strong miners used to take a little yellow canary down the mine with them to test for noxious gases.   If there were dangerous gases present such as carbon monoxide or methane that the miners couldn't smell, the canary would die giving the miners a chance to get out before it affected them.

What is the fact that more and more people are reacting to electrostress telling us?

On the one hand we can simply wait and see what the long term effects of electrostress are, or we can follow the research, see what other countries are doing and take precautionary measures at least to reduce our exposure and our children's exposure. There is enough research based evidence for France , for example, to discourage wi-fi in schools. One of the problems is that the wi-fi in schools is industrial strength rather than what most people have in their homes, and even so we would advocate using wi-fi sparingly. Why are we not doing the same? Do we really not care what happens to our young children?

Take a precautionary approach ...

Modern technology is here to stay and very convenient for us all.  Take a few steps to reduce yours and your family's exposure. See a recent newsletter for tips on safer use of electronic devices. Take action now.