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After a long discussion, we recommended that she keep a diary of what her child eats and when the eczema is worse. We also determined that she goes swimming once a week and is very itchy afterwards. Since they use a shower filter at home we suggested that after swimming they come straight home and shower and wash all the residues of swimming pool water off her skin.

It also seemed important that if chlorine is affecting the outside of the body, it's most likely that drinking unfiltered tap water is also affecting her atopic daughter. Living in rented accommodation makes it difficult to have an undersink water filter that needs to be plumbed in. So this customer purchsed the Stainless Steel Gravity water filter with heavy metal filters. This means that her daughter will no longer be ingesting chlorine and other pollutants that may be in the tap water such as oestrogens, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

We also suggested that the squash should be replaced either with just filtered water or with a juice that does not contain extra sugar, flavourings and preservatives.

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