Boy Holding Cat

Pets don't need to have the run of the house...

If we hadn't had direct experince of cat allergy and the use of the allergy sprays, we'd probably be advocating giving the pet away to a friend. However, before you get to that stage it is well worth trying a few products and establishing a few rules in the house.

The allergic person must feel there are areas in the house that are pet allergen free. This should definitely be the bedroom but also possibly the main living area.

Customers often ask about air purifiers for pet allergy and whilst they will help trap allergens, you need to take other measures if the pet is going to be able to stay. PetalCleanse is a lotion that needs to be wiped over the pet in the direction of the hair and then against the hair. this should be done once a week to keep the coat allergen free.

At the same time AirCleanse can be used to spray into the air to neutralise pet or other allergens in the air; HomeCleanse does the same for furniture and soft furnishings and FabriCleanse will denature the allergens in the laundry by adding it to the detergent tray of your washing machine.

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