Various triggers of eczema and what you can do to help yourself

Whilst everyone is different and eczema is a very individual condition, triggered by different substances or conditions in the body and helped with different approaches, there seem to be general areas that are well worth looking at if you suffer from eczema. Over the next week or so we will be looking at various triggers and what you can do about them:

  1. Chlorine and water / hardness and softness / drinking water
    How filtering your drinking and bathing water could help reduce your symptoms.
  2. Detergents
    Why might detergents make your eczema worse?
  3. Dust Mites
    Where to find them and what to do about them.
  4. Pets
    It needen't be a question of you or your pet.
  5. Toiletries and cleaning products / chemical exposure
    Know what you are using - read the label.
  6. Pollen
    Pollen causes sneezing - but could it be aggravating your eczema too?
  7. Clothing
    Wear fabrics that breathe but avoid wool and synthetics.
  8. Humidity and temperature
    How indoor climate can affect your skin.
  9. Diet
    Could the most common food allergens be triggering your eczema?