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Best to choose fragrance-free and non-biological alternatives

So if your clothes and bedding are impregnated with detergents, you may be giving your skin a really hard time. Best to choose fragrance free and non-biological detergents, and even better to choose all natural products. These can either be in the form of natural detergents or the use of laundry balls, which are detergent free. I always use the extra water option on any wash just to make sure that everything has been rinsed out.  

If you are in the habit of using quite fragranced products, you may not notice the strong smell that is coming from your clothes and bedding. If you really like to use something that gives your fabrics a pleasant smell, you can always try adding a few drops of natural essential oils to your wash instead of using synthetically fragranced detergent. 

We have several products in our laundry section - one of the most unusual is the bluemagicball which releases silver ions into the washing. The silver ions act as a bactericide leaving the washing fresh and clean. We use it with every wash. It is particularly effective at keeping the shower curtain free of mould and mildew.

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