This email came in as a response from our recent newsletter and it has some interesting points, particularly the importance of reducing overload and of dealing with geopathic and electrostress. I think some people are resistant to the idea of geopathic stress causing problems but it is certainly something to consider, especially if nothing really seems to be bringing your immune system back to strength.
"I am recovering from electro sensitivity - Longterm exposure to geopathic stress and electro stress had caused health problemsof varying types and degrees of severity from the age of 3. Fortunately thanks to Health Kinesiology and the combination of Geomack and Green8 protective devices my health is recovering considerably - Lastyear I was under 7 stone in weight, had no energy and was bedridden, was exhausted through lack of sleep and had severe irregular heartbeats and breathing problems.Also when my immune system was very low I became dreadfully chemically sensitive.

As my health has been improving over the last year the allergies have just disappeared - this is the second time this has happened - it is like I have a threshold and when I pass it I get allergies, when I pick up the body copes with the allergens and I am fine again. I am now back to over 9 stone and am starting to walk my dog again and now have enough energy to look after myself and even do housework! By strengthening the immune system my sensitivities disappear one by one. I'm working to cross that line so that I am not so vulnerable to electro stress.

Anyway... I have found the dust mite covers useful even though I do and did not have a dust mite allergy - but as my lungs are badly affected by the positive ions thrown out by electrical equipment, I found that the dust mite covers just made the environment kinder for my lungs.

I also bought your salt pipe and  that again is just a nice adjunct therapy to nurture the lungs when you have electro stress. I use a salt rock lamp as an ioniserand find that suits me better than the other ionisers that are available - we are all different. That is just what suits me.

Also I bought your emf clearing card - I find that very helpful to remove excess energy which is stored after going out and about and getting exposed to  excess electro smog. If you turn the lights out and play with it in the dark - if you arecharged up - you can get bright white sparks as you go to touch the card. After using the card for 20 minutes - even if you rub the card you don't get a spark!

I take that as an indication that it is doing something! I am also very aware of energy moving in my body - and I find even just looking at the card it starts energy moving and I can feel and hear the little "glugs" which is a sound I get when I have accupuncture. So I know it is shifting energy and helping clear blockages too. I takes about a minute to feel it starting to work. I know that to decharge you can run your hands up to the elbows in cold water - but in this weather it is drying to the hands - also you can take the emf card out andabout and if you feel a bit charged can lessen the load more frequently. It's a great little gadget and well worth having.

I have to say that if someone is in a really bad way - find an Health Kinesiology practitioner - it has to be Health Kinesiology - other types of kinesiology do not do this work. It is very good at switching off allergies - literally. My mother had multiple chemical sensitivity and my father was a GP and so I had first hadn experience of coping with that and my father learnt how to do the desensitisation drops with Prof Mackarness at Basingstoke Hospital. Nothing helped and when I started going through the same thing and then found HK, I know that if my Mum could have tried that her life would have been substantiallydifferent.

You need to get someone who has progressed enough to do the work with electro and geopathic stress. But the energy work to teach the body how to correctly handle theinformation on allergens is profound and in effect ends your allergic response.

Also I was talking to a very good nutrition web site - which is very informed on health issues (regenerative nutrition) and I was saying that I think electro stress is now playing a part in every condition and needs to be addressed - they agreed. Also the consultant I see for my homeopathy and accupuncture agrees - I think the environment is now so charged that if your immune system is compromised in any waythen the electrosmog compounds the problem.

Sometimes when you are ill - if your condition seems difficult to cure in the conventional sense then just helping the body in other ways is enough to lighten the load on the immune system and then it may have enough to cope with the condition which caught your attention - a bit like being in a sinking balloon and just bailing out anything to lighten the load. Anyway - sorry to bang on  - but just in case any of this sometime rings a bell and and is helpful to someone else. When I get fit I think I am going to have to learn about healing sick houses and see if I can pass on what I have learnt without anyone having to go through what I did. Because one thing for sure - if your house is an electro or geopathic stress nightmare - then it doesn't matter what steps you take to try to heal - they will never work."

I have copied it in its entirety in the hopes it may be of help to someone.