Foods that Cross-React with Pollen

Cross Reactions

Image shows some of the more popular foods that cross react with tree pollen. There are many others too.

Sometimes it is necessary to take antihistamines in order to carry on your day-to-day activities. I suggested he try antihistamines temporarily in order to see whether it is an allergy that is causing his problems but that he should also look at foods that cross react with tree pollen, since some people have been able to significantly reduce their symptoms when avoiding the particular foods that cross-react with specific pollen. They then did not need antihistamines.

Though we have a list of cross - reacting foods, this diagram offered on The Institute of Food Research site may be easier for you to use.  Interestingly there are a lot of common foods that many people eat on a daily basis, so removal of these may be helpful.

Creating a safe haven within your home

Once you come in from outdoors there are plenty of things you can do to keep your environment free from the pollens that you were exposed to outside.

  • Keep the windows closed
  • Change your clothes and leave the pollen exposed clothes in a bag or away from your living area
  • Bath or shower and wash your hair when you come in (or if not, before you go to bed)
  • Use a Radic8, which will eradicate pollens in the air, or an effective air purifier that will trap the pollen in a filter
  • Use the Allergy Sprays to denature any allergens in the air, on furnishings and in the washing
  • Remember that a pet will also bring pollen in on its coat, so should be kept away from the bedroom and, if the allergy is severe, kept away from the main living room
  • Sinus Plumber can help relieve sinus pain and nasal problems caused by hay fever