At The Healthy House we have and have always had a Fragrance Free Policy which is a condition of employment here. This arose partly through family intolerance to chemicals but is equally important for the thousands of chemically sensitive customers we send parcels to each year. One of our members of staff used to come in to work every Monday with a migraine type headache. When I asked what she did at the week end it transpired that she did the family ironing having washed the clothes with fabric conditioner. Since she no longer uses fabric conditioner she no longer suffers from her Monday morning headaches. The only time she does is when one of her family uses a particular type of aftershave. She agrees that she is very much healthier working in a fragrance free environment.As someone who used to splash perfume on before going out every day I know that the wearer is not aware of the effect it has on other people and also is not aware of how strongly he/she smells. It is only when one eliminates all perfumed products that one realises the effect it was having.The article below is interesting in that MCS should be a recognised condition, of that there is no doubt. However, I do not agree that we and Allergy UK should not be pushing for fragrance free work environments. Perfumed products usually contain harmful chemicals, formaldehyde is one of them. Formaldehyde is a brain toxin and whether one is chemically sensitive or not, we are all better off without being bombarded by it all day.To read the article please click here.