One of our suppliers has just faxed through an interesting short article from yesterday's Metro regarding the possible ban of mobile phones in French primary schools in an attempt to safeguard the health of young children. Certainly the use of mobile phones amongst children is growing out of control in this country. It seems that parents think their child should have a mobile phone for safety - so that they can find out where they are. The Metro article mentions that handset makers could be forced to offer "text only" mobiles which sounds like a very good idea (though some primary school children in this country would have difficulty reading or sending a text message!)  One so often sees young mothers (and fathers) glued to their mobiles while holding thier child. Very young children and babies are even more susceptible to radiation than older people. So, any parents out there, please only use your mobile when your children are a safe distance away and never in the car. To read the article on what may be happening in France, please click here.