A case has recently come to our attention of a customer feeling quite ill in the cottage he has moved into. This has come as a surprise since the reason for renting this particular home was that, for many years, it had not been painted with anything but organic paint and has not had any new carpets or new furniture. Upon testing the space with an A-COMED electrosmog detector we found very high fields coming through the wall adjoing this house with the neighbours. As we suspected the field was coming from a DECT phone base station on the other side of the wall. Fortunately for this tenant the neighbour was willing to disconnect the DECT phone and go back to using a corded phone. Once the DECT phone had been disconnected, the A-COM, which had picked up microwave radiation throughout the house, was unable to pick up any microwave frequencies. This followed on from a conversation I had a few months ago with a journalist who said she felt sick every time she sat in front of her computer. Upon questioning her as to what else she had on her desk she said she had her DECT phone there. I suggested that she should disconnect it at the box and see whether her symptoms improved. A week or so after this she phoned me to say she has had no recurrence of the sickness and that her children are sleeping much better since she disconnected this phone. We all tend to get used to the conveniences associated with modern technology and walking round the house or conitnuing the household tasks whilst on the phone appears to be one of them. Many people seem unaware of the harm that can be caused by DECT phone microwave radiation unless the use of the DECT phone actually causes symptoms such as headache or insomnia.  Alisdair Philips in his book Home Electrical Appliances and House Wiring states "Health problems (headaches, skin tingling and heating, fatigue, concentration and memory loss, even tumours) have been associated with analogue and digital cordless phones. We recommend that you use an ordinary telephone for most of your calls and only use a cordless phone when you are away from your main phone (e.g. in the garden). Keep calls short on cordless phones. We do not recommend that children use them at all. In good signal reception areas, mobile phones can often emit less microwave power that digital cordless phones. The main base unit of digital cordless phones (DECT) emits pulses of microwaves, like the phone itself. Move away from the main base unit when you use the phone to avoid a double whammy! The main base unit will emit microwaves every time the phone rings, but will stop if you then pick up the the call on an ordinary wired (land-line or cable) telephone - but remember to replace the cordless phone on its stand to ensure the radiation is switched off. All the digital phone base units (including the charger units) give off levels of low frequency fields and should not be put next to where you sit or sleep. The main unit will emit low frequency fields at all times it is plugged in to the mains even when the telephone is not in use." We offer the A-COMED Electrosmog Detector for rental at £15.00 per week plus p/p.