Make sure you have an asthma action plan provided by your doctor

Lady with asthma inhalerFollowing on from this, in the news yesterday, the importance of having an asthma action plan was emphasised. We know from personal experience that when things are going well, one tends to forget about one's asthma and may be less diligent about using the medication. Then all of a sudden it gets worse and one needs emergency treatment. 


It isimportant to have an asthma action plan and if you have not been given one by your doctor, now would be a good time to ask for one. 

Asthma can be allergy related

Many cases of asthma are allergy related though this is not always the case. If your asthma is allergy related, there is a lot you can do to help to control your symptoms alongside your usual medication. This may eventually help you to be able, with consultation with your doctor, to reduce the frequency or strength of your treatment.