An article in the Medical News Today website highlighted a study in Sweden in 2008 that duplicated a study in 2000 and showed a 10% increase in allergies among young people. The study by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg includes all the residents of Vastra Gotaland (1.5million) born in 1992. Half of all teenagers are affected with asthma, nasal symptoms and eczema.

Compared to in 2000, a considerably larger number of teenagers have experienced a runny nose, sneezing attacks and other nasal symptoms without having a cold. But we don't know the reason for this increase. We need to do more research to figure that out, says Jonas Brisman, chief physician and project leader of the study.

The increased general level of skin and airway sensitivity calls for measures to create healthy indoor environments, primarily in schools but eventually also in the young people's future workplaces.  Click here to read the complete article